0.31 Tournament Character #2

For this character, the RNG decides to be more cruel and assign me a Mummy Gladiator with unarmed combat as his weapon of choice. Fortunately, the character actually made it to the Ecumenical Temple.

0.31 Tournament Attempts: Part 2-1

I start off by training Unarmed Combat with a focus, Fighting, and Armour. On D:1, I use one of my throwing nets to take out a hobgoblin as my first kill. I eventually shatter my sole javelin when dealing with goblins, and find a faded altar that belongs to either Vehumet, Makhleb or Nemelex Xobeh, as well as an amulet of regeneration. D:2 gives me 2 boomerangs, so I start training Throwing with a target of 2.0 for them. On D:3, I run into Sigmund when I come down, prompting me to immediately go back up and enter the level through another staircase. During my partial cleanup of the level, get the +0 ring mail of the Tsukumogami [rElec rC+ Will+], which is a welcome improvement to my chances of survivability. On D:4, I find altars to Vehumet and Xom as well as an Antique Weapon Emporium that has nothing good, I also find the entrance to the Temple and save the game.

Once again, I am leaning towards taking Gozag or Okawaru, with preference to the first in order for Gozag’s Potion Petition to offset my character’s inability to get potions.

I plan to turn off Armour training as soon as it gets to 3, as I don’t think it is necessary for the character at this point. So it will just be Unarmed Combat and Fighting training, with a focus on the former, since I don’t think I will run into any weapons that are decent enough to justify switching weapon types at this point.

I also plan to stay away from Sigmund until I reach D:11, since my character is definitely not good enough to face him right now.

Hopefully this is a good plan as I attempt to clear the dungeon up to D:11 and prepare for the Lair of Beasts. My current character dump can be found here. Let me know of any tips that my character should take at this point.