0.31 Tournament top 25 players


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Congrats to everyone!

Anyone know what happened to Yermak?

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I don’t have any inside knowledge, but he stopped playing sometime around 2022 (0.28 was his last tournament), at that point after having won every combo. I believe he’s been heard from since retiring, as far as I know it wasn’t anything catastrophic on his end – just stopped playing.

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I really like that it seems that you can get into the top with relatively low hours of playing. Thanks for sharing this statistics!

dilly’s numbers are just nuts. I think I’ve had 2 wins under 3 hours my whole 20 year playing. They get 6 high point wins with an average of less than 2.5 hours.

I’ve watched them play before and I believe it… I can hardly track what they are doing.

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