0.32 trunk changelog update!


Stone Soup 0.32 (through 0.32-a0-1431-be6e7be4eb9)

* Beogh, Dith, and Yred have been substantially overhauled.
* Since everybody can become orcs, reworked Mountain Dwarves replace Hill Orcs.
* New species: Coglins, dual-wielding gizmo-inventing goblins in exosuits.
* More new spells, aimed at new school combinations and higher levels.
* Many more new and revamped monsters and decorations throughout the Dungeon.

* New and returning unrands:
  - Returning: Brilliance, an eveningstar of foul flame, which inflicts
    reduced damage to unholy foes and extra damage to holy foes.
  - Returning: Sword of the Doom Knight, which loses pain brand to instead
    make its targets lose 10% of their maximum health on hit.
  - New: Charlatan's Orb, an orb which boosts Evocations power but has
    the translocations and stealth downside of the real Orb of Zot.
  - New: Gloves of the Gadgeteer, fragile gloves that boost evoker recharge
    rate, wand damage, and give a chance to save wand charges on use.
* The Cloak of the Thief is now +0, but gives noise suppression instead of
  random bursts of fog and no longer gives negative slaying.
* Randart MP bonuses and maluses now range from 4 to 12, instead of always
  being fixed at 9.

Branches, Environment
* Crypt now contains more item rewards throughout its levels.
* Troves no longer ask Draconians to offer dragon scales.
* Ziggurats now scale up their enemy choices and counts up much faster
  if one dares to dive through multiple ziggurats on the same character.
* Quite a few new decorative features have been added to many a vault:
  - Several new types of decorative statue: silver statues,
    scintillating statues, mystic cages, and magic conduits.
  - A new decorative wall type: bedevilled crystal.
  - Completely-decorative caches of fruits and meat, which may occasionally
    be snacked upon when walked over.
  - Piles of debris, stony wreckage that crumbles away on a delay after
    being hit.
  - Sacred lotuses, extremely resilient but entirely harmless plants.
* Rain no longer can create deep water.
* Skeletons no longer decay.

* Only players without weapons can punch with their offhand.
* Player constriction no longer deals ramping-up damage.
* Removed mutations: noise dampening.

* Beogh has been completely overhauled, becoming the god of collective
  pariahs and outcasts. All species may elect to worship Beogh and become orcs
  when at low HP in front of orc priests. Most abilities are also changed:
  - Orc apostles, scaling throughout the game, will challenge the player with
    their own followers, unalterable artefact equipment, and potent mystic
    might. Forfeiting their challenge by leaving the floor inflicts penance,
    which only dismisses worshippers' followers and disables their invocations.
  - Shortly after defeating apostles, worshippers can recruit up to three
    apostles to follow them at a time. Beogh now will automatically revive those
    apostles if they die, but only after the player gains sufficient piety.
  - Other encountered orcs are pacified instead of recruited.
  - Beogh gains a new 5* ability, Blood for Blood. This can only be invoked
    on top of an orc apostle's corpse, and summons a large amount of orcs both
    immediately around the player and around the edges of the screen over time.
* Dithmenos has been completely overhauled, becoming the god of actors,
  thieves, and everyone else who works in the shadows. They no longer count as
  evil, and have replaced nearly all of their active and passive abilities.
  - 1*: Passive noise dampening, halving all noise made around the player.
  - 2*: A passive shadow mimic, which now casts differing spells based on the
        spell schools of spells cast to now cover all spell types, deals more
        damage with weapons scaling to XL, and also lingers around afterwards.
  - 3*: Shadowslip, which instantly swaps worshippers' places with a lingering
        shadow and misleads foes into targeting the shadow for a while instead.
  - 4*: Aphotic Marionette, which forces an enemy with spells to instantly cast
        random conjurations at other enemies or give buffs & summons to the
  - 5*: Primordial Nightfall, which reduces one's line of sight to zero, with
        line of sight gradually coming back over the duration.
* Yredelemnul has been significantly overhauled.
  - Yred now uses a somewhat conventional piety system again, though followers
    have to obey the rules of raising the black torch.
  - Followers of Yred get an umbral aura around them that grows as they gain
    piety, and zombies are passively animated only in the umbra aura.
  - Yredelemnul grants the following active abilities:
      - 0*: Raise the Black Torch, which enables piety gain, but which can only
            be used once per floor and only lasts until the player leaves the
            floor. Starting at 1*, this ability also summons scaling undead
      - 2*: Hurl Torchlight, which mights undead while damaging most others.
      - 4*: Bind Soul, which now temporarily flays the player until the
            binding is successful and heavily scales the soul's HP with invo.
      - 5*: Fathomless Shackles, which binds a large area centered on the
            player and damages over time while vampirically draining foes.
      - Removed abilities: Dark Bargain, Drain Life.
* Both Beogh and Yred's recall abilities are now instant.
* Jiyva now prevents all harm players could do to all jellies and slimes,
  instead of punishing them whenever they did so. Fedhas now also prevents
  players from doing harm to friendly plants.
* Nemelex is now a chaotic (but not evil) god.
* Okawaru's Duel now blocks all summoning.
* Qazlal's Upheaval and Disaster Area no longer hit the player nor any of
  their elemental allies.
* Most gods now comment upon or otherwise influence the player's death.

Interface and Options
* Monster damage display has been further improved in specificity.

* New evoker: Gell's Gravitambourine, which pulls all monsters in a large
  radius close together and then binds them in place for several turns.
* Dispersal darts are now much more likely to blink their targets away
  from the thrower.
* Condenser vanes now reroll misery clouds if the good gods would block
  their creation, rather than placing nothing as a result.

* Uniques:
  - Revamped: Arachne has been exiled out of the Spider Nest, now appearing
    a bit later in games without Spider's Nest, with a Greater Ensnare spell
    and an orb spider band.
  - Revamped: Blork the orc is now Blorkula the Orcula, both vampire and orc.
    He now casts a wider spread of conjurations and can delay death by
    becoming a rainbow swarm of vampire bats.
  - Revamped: Wiglaf has returned, gaining a randart hat, and dropping Okawaru
    invocations of Haste for Hellfire Mortar.
  - New: Xak'krixis, a formicid Royal Expeditionary Alchemist, found solely in
    the Spider Nest. They have Ignite Poison and a version of Fulminant Prism
    that doesn't hurt allies.
  - Reflavoured: Nergalle is now an archivist, and Ijyb is now an ex-Coglin
* New monsters:
  - Marrowcudas, early-D skeleton fish that summon swarms of themselves
    whenever they hit foes.
  - Obsidian bats, Orcish Mines stone bats which summon demonic animals
    whenever they hit foes.
  - Polterguardians, Vaults geists that give their allies Repel Missiles.
  - Scrub nettles, which fire partially-irresistible poison stings.
  - Thermic dynamos, Elven Halls vortex-engines that wield both hits and
    rebounding bolts of fire and ice.
  - Undying armouries, late Vaults terrors that hurl dancing weapons and
    grant temporary copies of the same weapon to their allies.
* Other monster changes:
  - Arcanists now cast Searing Ray instead of Force Lance.
  - Crystal guardians and crystal echidnas no longer fire rebounding bolts of
    fire or ice, and instead have crystallizing shots that inflict Vitrify.
  - Deep elf elementalists cast Hoarfrost Cannonade instead of Freezing Cloud.
  - Deep elf high priests give a long duration brilliance buff to every ally
    in their sight, rather than using an aura of brilliance.
  - Demonspawn corrupters now summon thunderhulks instead of vault sentinels.
  - Draconian monster adjustments: yellow draconians have acidic bites,
    white draconians have more damaging breath, and stormcallers no longer are
    hurt by their own Upheavals.
  - Glowing orange brains are now reluctant to move closer to their foes and
    having an innate aura of brilliance affecting their allies.
  - Guardian serpents and draconian shifters' Blink Allies Encircling now
    blinks over 3 to 6 allies as is possible, instead of always 8.
  - Hell beasts have become sin beasts, gaining HD and antimagic attacks.
    Geryon's (hell -> sin) beast summoning has been weakened in exchange.
  - Monster shadows are now called shadowghasts.
  - Necrophages are weaker and now only appear from Yred's summonings.
  - Norris now casts Draining Gaze instead of Brain Bite.
  - Ophanim now passively irresistibly inflict Mark on all those they see.
  - Worldbinders now summon ironbound frosthearts instead of thunderhulks.
* Monster constriction is now more difficult to escape via moving, but blinks
  now always work as an escape.
* Monster frozen status now lasts a bit longer, inflicts a heavier movement
  penalty, and no longer blocks further Flash Freeze casts.
* Monster repel missiles now acts as a flat +15 effective EV against
  projectiles, rather than scaling heavily to the monster's own EV.
* Player ghosts now can cast a fair bit more low-level and mid-level spells.
* Removed monsters: burning bushes, lorocyprocas.

* New species: Coglins, goblins in mechanical exoskeletons. Features:
  - Their exoskeletons allow them to dual wield, but innately take a few
    swings to rev up to normal damage.
  - They can't wear jewellery, but at XL 13 they can choose to invent one of
    three gizmos that passively provide resists and unique benefits.
* Returning species: Since all species can become orcs, Hill Orcs swap out with
  Mountain Dwarves, with similar but less skewed apts and stats. New features:
  - They ignore half of the spellcasting penalty heavy armour would inflict.
  - They can enchant randart equipment up to the base equipment's default
    enchantment maximum.
* Draconian breaths have been revamped: most effects have been replaced for
  much stronger and flashier effects, but now use a limited number of charges
  refilled by gaining experience instead of coming back on a breath timer.
  - Red draconians breathe penetrating bolts that explode on each hit.
  - White draconians breathe high-damage penetrating bolts that turn defeated
    foes into blocks of ice.
  - Black draconians breathe projectiles that chain in a connected group.
  - Grey draconians now have mud immunity and breathe large mud blasts.
  - Green breathe now get additional noxious clouds alongside the main path.
  - Yellow draconians breathe a penetrating bolt that leaves acidic clouds.
  - Purple draconians breathe an explosion of both dispelling and antimagic.
  - Pale draconians now deal fairly more impact damage with their steam breath.
* Deep Elf Air Magic apt has been raised from 0 to +1.
* New Demonspawn mutation: Foul Shadow, which wreathes the player in umbra to
  reduce monster accuracy and increases stealth, and also burns attackers in
  melee range with foul flame.

* New spells:
  - Propulsive Piledriver (L3 Tloc): Grab an adjacent foe that maximises travel
    distance to solid terrain, then hurls you both forward and damages that foe.
  - Hoarfrost Cannonade (L5 Ice / Alch): Summons two transient icy cannons
    that deal damage, slow down movement, and eventually (safely) explode.
  - Gell's Gavotte (L6 Tloc): Pulls the player and everybody else in sight
    four tiles in a chosen direction, damaging those flung into solid objects.
  - Permafrost Eruption (L6 Ice / Earth): Creates an explosion of rock and ice
    on top of the densest cluster of enemies in sight.
  - Hellfire Mortar (L7 Fire / Earth): Temporarily digs out a river of lava,
    then deploys an auto-firing magma cannon to float down that river.
  - Magnavolt (L7 Air / Earth): Magnetises enemies, making them lose all EV and
    drop magnetised vortices on death, then zaps every magnetised foe in sight.
  - Rimeblight (L7 Ice / Necro): Inflicts a plague on enemies that spreads
    through icy explosions, which can instantly kill foes at low health.
  - Fulsome Fusillade (L8 Conj / Alch): Rains reagent explosions of random
    elements on top of random foes, inflicting random debuffs if they overlap.
* Teleport Other now tries to teleport affected monsters out of the caster's
* Players with Spellforged Servitor memorised now get an Imbue Servitor ability
  that allows you to choose which compatible spell the servitor will cast.
* Manifold Assault has moved from L4 to L7, no longer misses its strikes, and
  hits 4 to 12 foes at once instead of 2 to 4.
* Removed spells: Gell's Gravitas.

Tiles and Other Art
* New tiles for existing game elements:
  * Dozens of monster-only spells.
  * Yred's Recall tile.
  * Formless jellyfish.
  * Box of beasts.
  * Boulders from Brom's Barrelling Boulder.
  * Crystal walls in Zot.
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This is quite annoying to deal with on the Holy Pan level, but it goes away in a turn or two after they’re dead.