Acquirement options

Would you rather…

  • acquire a +0 eveningstar of freezing to replace the current +1 whip of feezing, which will (hopefully) prove immediately useful in smashing those quickly-regenerating demonic crawlers
  • Or… acquire the +10 Black Knight’s Barding (Ponderous, rPois, rN+) to replace the +4 barding of (^contam, rC+++, rCor, Sinv)

I’m pretty sure the correct choice is the first one, which makes me sad.
I’m with Wu Jian, which makes Ponderous not-100%-bad, and a eveningstar much less exciting. Additionally I am fully committed to switching to Distortion as soon as I find it, no matter what the base weapon is.
I don’t even have Cancelation identified yet, and I don’t want my mutations messed up.
Sinv is redundant with my current amulet.

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You’re using a +1 freeze whip at XL 16 and I promise you there are better options. Doing a ~20 second search through your .lst I see several morningstars including this one.

(14, -29, Swamp:2) a +1 morningstar of protection
Seems like a decent choice. There might be even better weapons.

I would go with the eveningstar since you already have a +4 barding with good properties but either way, please don’t use that trash whip! Sticking with that whip is a self-enforced challenge mode!

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If I was playing with my normal rules (trying to win a 3 runer), I would pick the weapon. Easily.

But given the distortion only rule (I hope you find the GOAT of weapons, Rift), I think the obvious choice is the barding. It will serve you the whole game, whereas the weapon would be discarded pretty soon given that distortion isn’t that hard to find.

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I did spot that morningstar of protection, but it really is the first proper upgrade I’ve found.
But my AC is pretty good already, I’d need to train 4 more levels of M&F to reach mindelay, and after all that it wouldn’t even be better when I go into ultimate mode - ie, whip up a storm and get +15 Slay.
Honestly I’ve been surprised how quickly things die to a +1 whip of freezing. The freezing brand has also been surprisingly helpful, slowing down lots of enemies in Lair. Maybe the horns have helped a lot, and I lost those recently. I haven’t quite kept track of how the horns mutation has changed.

Interesting that I’m getting contradictory advice.

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I’m sure this character is long dead or ascended, byt my advice is to always go with the unrand. Especially one as species-specific as the Black Knight’s Barding, how often do you get a chance to use that?