Acquirement reporting (also Oka gifts)

a - a manual of long blades
b - the +1 delatra’s gloves
c - a ring of wizardry
d - 385 gold

all this on a sling-using coglin, who already had +2 gloves of stealth

the most useless acquirement I’ve ever had

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Oka gave me the chance at 4 absolutely worthless 2 handed ranged weapons when I already had one gun the other day for my coglin. On the other hand, he gave me a very nice gun a couple days ago.

Talking of Oka, on my current Coglin he gave absolute trash armour. 3 randart body armours that all aren’t better than my +2 acid scales, and a randart shield (that I wouldn’t use on a coglin).

On the other hand, he did give an artefact heavy hand cannon, which made the midgame much much easier than it otherwise would have been.

On the balance I find the new Oka gifts more frustrating. With the old gifts I could have received 4 trash pieces of armour, and still been excited with the possibility of getting something good later.
I’d have received my first hand cannon later, but after I’d received it, it would be fun to keep hoping for another one.

I don’t think the new gifts are weaker or stronger, just less fun.

I wonder whether at this point in my coglin game acquirement would preferentially give me a tripple crossbow/arbalest, because I haven’t seen any of those yet. Maybe I should delay reading any acquirement until after I’ve completed Vault ?!

I don’t know how acquire scrolls are written. I just read them ASAP. I got 2 hand cannons from acquire before I entered the S vaults recently. That was my fastest win ever…

EDIT: I also sort of miss the old Oka. But I think this system is a little less OP. But I used to just love waiting to get my character all outfitted with all the best gear. It was the best.