Add potion to remove last mutation?

Hi all,

Game is brilliant !

Would it be possible to add a potion which removes the last (inflicted) mutation ? A few bad mutations can ruin a good character and there is no way to get rid of them. Quaffing a potion of mutation is simply too great a risk :). Yet mutations add very interesting advantages (well, the good ones at least :D).


I doubt the devs would do this, given that they removed potions of cure mutation a few years ago. I think the idea is that the player should have to play around bad mutations, rather than just removing them. (Perhaps it would work, though, if they were very rare?)

Oh, I didn’t know about ‘cure mutation’. Well, I’ll just have to steer clear of potions of mutation and try to avoid those horrible mutating monsters :).

Very rare sounds like a good compromise tho.

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Even if they were very rare, though, players would probably just save them to quaff for whatever the consensus 2–3 worst mutations were. So then those mutations would effectively not be in the game. (I suppose this depends a lot on to what extent the worst mutations are the same for every character and playstyle.)

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Potions of mutation are not that much of a risk, their effect is biased towards beneficial mutations. They are the tool of choice, when it comes to getting rid of really bad stuff like teleportitis, berserkitis or no scrolls when damaged.

In general though it’s a pretty good idea to take extra care around anything that can malmutate you, precisely because a small number of mutations can make your game very hard.

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