Am I the only one not being able to get into the game server today?

When I try to connect to the underhound server, for a long time nothing happens, and then there is an error message. This seems to be going on for at least half an hour now. The DCSS page currently lists three ongoing games, on a Tournament Sunday… They are all happening on the Acrasiac server, for which I am not registered.

I’m not actually sure what was up with CUE (it seems to be ok now), but what I can say is that that “ongoing games” thing is extremely broken, and only shows games from CAO. (It really needs a revamp or removal.)

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Yes, I could play again after a while, for the last two days, but now I was kicked out again in the middle of the game, and whenever I want to reconnect, after a long time of nothing I again see an error 504. So whatever it is, it reared its head again, for now. I’m still not sure whether this only happens to me or whether others are not able to play, either.

I am having same issue. For while I could still play console when tiles gave 504, but now console also refuses connection.

I want to say it was one of the rare times I felt like I could win this game. Yesterday hanged up a few moments after I got a kickass randart Ranged Weapon from a scroll of acquirement. Now I logged in back and the acquirement is gone. Not only that but reading the scroll again gave me completely new and totally shit acquirements. I’m so mad right now, I signed up to this forum just to say this is total bullshit. God-f*****g-damn I ragequit the game. I’m gonna post a feature request in a moment in a separate thread because of this.

Now it happens again, this time with error 502. Since the Underhound server is troublesome, is there a way to connect trough a different server and keep my records from this one?