Can someone give a tutorial on the .rc file?

I’ve been playing dcss for a while, but I still have no idea how the rc even works!
All help appreciated.

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Put one of many options in the rcfile and that option will be there.

For example, put:

autofight_stop = 75

To disallow autofight (Tab and Shift-Tab) from working below 75% HP.

Each distinct option needs a new line, though you can do something like:

autopickup_exceptions ^= <immolation, <lignification, <noise, <net, >amnesia

In one row, to allow {immolation, lignification, noise, net} and disallow {amensia}.

You can use LUA script for a lot of customization, but don’t ask me how that works.

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Feel free to take a look at my RC file. I’ve compiled it over the years with my own stuff and things made from other people!

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Here is my RC as it stands. I’m developing on it pretty heavily at the moment.

Something I’ve had for a while is a few interlocking functions that will stop me for roaming into a bad situation when I’m manually exploring. I overwrite the numpad with macros that redirect to these functions. It is really nice, but it does introduce a tiny noticeable lag (which I got used to very quickly).

Recently I added functions to automatically open the scroll reading window when I hit D:4. That is when I always start reading scrolls. And I was forgetting because I get into the flow.

I also have something that clears out all the default skill training. I also then have defaults set for skilling the combos I’ve been playing. I found these on this very website a week or so ago (Thanks whoever started that thread, this has been great)

And, finally, I tend to play pretty fast when I’m in a flow state and I have, on occasion, stumbled into V5 without meaning to. So I always add an annotation when I enter the vaults. So I’m currently working on developing a thing that auto annotates V5. This isn’t working yet. This actually got me killed just a few minutes ago with an incredibly promising DgHu who had +6 dex on both hands, and a +6 dex + reflection amulet, and an early longbow.

But I just inlined the code in the ready function without any conditional checks… that wasn’t smart and it just had me wait until a vault guard murdered me. First time my RC has ever killed me. Not going to do that again :).