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morgue (this will not be accurate once I do something)

This was an awesome run so far, with 3 shops on d:2, a +8 artifact early, but not the best random djinni spells…

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Here’s a permanent copy of the morgue: helpme-dcss/1.txt at main · sunpin770/helpme-dcss (

Am I missing something? There’s nothing there that can one-shot you; in fact with Djinni poison immunity I’d think the only real threat on screen is the bullfrog.

You’re a conjurer, you have fulminate prism castable and that will carry you far (hopefully you find something better by s-branches).

Probably stop training dodging(for now) and stealth (probably for the rest of the game) and train fighting/spellcasting only. Get your hp/mp pool up. Every character wants to train fighting!

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You’ve got too much dodging, not enough spellcasting, not enough fighting, and a very generous amount of stealth. Use the stealth well, and you will survive.

Honestly I don’t see why you’re so enthusiastic about the character, you didn’t randomly get any spells which remain relevant late game, such as Blink. Unless you want to switch into a dex-focussed build. And the equipment is good for getting through early game, but no more than that.

For your immediate situation, I recommend moving 2 steps west, to stand on the stairs. Once there, you’ve got 3 choices:

  1. Immediately go up the stairs: this is the safest approach, since nothing can follow you
  2. Spend 1 more turn, so the kobold brigand moves next to you and then go up the stairs. I recommend this, since only the brigand will follow you, and that should be an easy fight.
  3. Fight the group of enemies using AoE spells (Fulminant Prism/Searing Ray/etc.) As others have said, this is a group of weak enemies, so it’s quite do-able, but if you get surrounded, trying to retreat upstairs will give the enemies a lot of free attacks.

If you decide to flee upstairs, you can mark that staircase as dangerous by using “X” (shift+x) “E” (shift+e) “E” (shift+e). That will put an exclusion (big red X) over the stairs. Every floor has 3 stairs down, so you can always go back to the other floor using one of the other two, and using an exclusion will help you remember which one to avoid (especially handy if you need to stop playing for a while.)

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One iteration improved over that approach is to place a Fulminant Prism immediately. It might fail (19% 5% chance) [I looked at the wrong stat].
If it goes off properly though, it should kill half of what you’re facing here. (I hope. My own approach to spell power might cause me to make an imperfect estimate.)

And the nice thing is you’d be able to see the effect of the Fulminant Prism before deciding whether to abort the fight (fleeing upstairs with 1 kobold).

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Where are you getting that failure rate? I see 5%.

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Thanks, everyone!
Andrew: I guess I just panicked.
rypofalem: Thanks for the advice. I actually didn’t even realize that fighting wasn’t being trained…
petercordia: I’m fairly new at dcss (farthest I’ve gotten is lair), so the “early game” is pretty much the whole game for me. Between you an rypo, I’m not sure exactly what to train, so for now I’m just using fighting and spellcasting.
Erf: Thanks! that was he most helpful yet. What I ended up doing was dropping a prism in middle of the lot, after I was on the stairs. One prism destroyed almost everything, and I was all set until maggie arrived…

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Well, when I said I never got past the lair, I was wrong…

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