CIP: New start, new version, new tactics, newfound enthusiasm

CW: This isn’t particularly far into the game, a particularly interesting character concept or a particularly interesting story so far. Or at least, not necessarily interesting to folks outside of me - I’m aware that there are people running around who can do 15 rune runes as SpFis of Chei and other such craziness, and i think the one time i managed to beat the game (which was long enough ago that i forgot the edition) was a 7 rune MiFi run, and there were enough flukes of luck on RandArt drops in that game that i attribute success to chance.

That said, There are several reasons why this run excites me.

First: I’ve never really done a summons-centric build before. All the summoners i’ve tried to build before have died extremely quickly due to my impatience and lack of desire to let the summons do the fighting before me, and in backgrounds that encourage summoning creatures (such as Necromancers) I’ve always shied away from using their useful animation spells, with particularly kill-me-quickly results.

Something along the way, though…I’m not sure when or in what edition it changed, but incorporating summons into combat feels a lot more fun - at the very least, weaving ally backup in between regular spellcasting and melee combat feels a lot more natural and a lot more like something i can actively engage in, rather than a drop-and-wait approach. The snowballing approach of spells like Death Channel in particular are crazy fun, since I feel actively encouraged to engage the enemy at the start of combat before my ghostly summons can help provide backup or mop up an enemy mob. I can’t recall ever having this much fun with raising the dead, and honestly it makes me want to play necromancers a lot more!

Second: Varying god choices. Before, with a necromancer, I would have waited around to get Kiku even if it killed me, which it invariably did. This time, after picking the thoughts of several other people, I decided to actually muse through the earlier options presented to me and try to go with something that synergized with what i had even if it wasn’t “the god made for this class.” As a result, picking Ash was something that I’d only done a few times, and mostly felt ambivalent about before - but because of the way detection helps with a kobold’s decreased vision and the way the skill boosts are helping to shore up my hybrid woes, Ash almost feels like a god also tailor made for this species and/or background, which is pretty crazy!

(a minor third is that i can’t remember ever being this enthusiastic about kobolds either, but that’s not so much of a talking point.)

I guess the long and short of this is: Whatever the devs have done with the game in the few years since i took a break from it, they’ve been doing right. The game is fantastic, I feel silly about having missed out on how fun things are now, and I can’t wait to see how things go from here!

(Also, recommendations from what I should do in my position would be appreciated! They aren’t necessary, though.)

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Nice! One thing I love about Ash is how you get skill boosts to things you probably weren’t interested in before and how that sometimes moves the needle on what tactics and strategy you will employ. I think its a good idea to take every curse offered to you and just prioritize the most disposable piece of gear on your character.

Side note; characters in progress like yours are the most interesting imo. You have enough options to make interesting choices but not so much power that the game has become yours to lose.

You might enjoy going for great and greater player as well as polytheist. For me it turned the game into this big puzzle to solve with incredible variety, before it was mostly my demonspawn death simulator

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If it were me I would:

  • try to find a better weapon. I might go for the shortbow over the dagger, if those were the only options
  • swap a ring of evasion for the rPois one. An encounter with a group of snakes or bees could be fatal otherwise
  • fill those empty armor slots for (a) protection e (b) things to curse.

Well done on surviving Abyss! I wouldn’t have fancied my chances with such a squishy character but you made it!

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Personally, I’d value +5 EV over rPois anywhere but Spider/Snake. And as long as the rings aren’t cursed, it’s better to wear evasion as default and switch to rPois when needed.

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Yeah, you’re probably right - in general you’ve enough time to switch to rPois when needed. Though with the character that OP posted, I’d definitely take a ring of protection over either of those…