CIP Nice jewelry for low price of horn

Found trove in depths that asked for Geryon’s horn. It was quite surprising as usually troves do not ask for useless rubbish and Geryon’s horn is pretty bad for Okawaru worshippers. I was rather curious what would be in trove and fortunately I had already found portals to hell so it was quick trip to go relieve Geryon of his horn. Trove was quite nice

Most of that is actually useless, but Naybb and ring of Mutiny have their uses and Zoar Duz is strictly better than ring of Zowo{rN+ Will+ Str+2} that I am currently using. Feels like this character is quite strong, might even win. Besides rHubris and rMut I have all relevant Zot resistances. Healthy stacks of 21 mutation potions, 12 blink scrolls and 30+ tele scrolls. Storm form at bit lower spell power than I’d like, but surely 2 more floors of depths fixes that. All tools to win are here, what could possibly go wrong?

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That amulet of Uppu though… so tempting, especially with your high damage storm form transmuter. Pretty combo of affixes - bumps up strength, slay, adds regen… harm adds risk but with such glorious power, and stealth- which is a nice thematic touch. Should be made into a unique like “Amulet of Amplification” or “Amulet of Acceleration” (and track characters that die wearing it and living that fast life)

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Uppu is quite nice, I’d be more inclined to go for harm if I had manass up and running, but I don’t. I quite like Hermit’s pendant that I am currently wearing. Faith let’s me use Oka abilities more liberally and invo=14 means I can spend my skllpoints to magic skills rather than actually learning invo. It was good enough.

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