CIP: SpAE advice needed

I’m recently playing SpAE^Kiku, morgue is below.
I’m feeling that my char is very weak, so can I try 15 runes?
And what should I do next?
Also, I’m also willing to hear further advice.
Thank you!

I’m not a 15 Rune knower, but I do know that this character should be using “Sublimation of Blood.” Robe of the Vines has amazing health regen. You’d basically get infinite mana with this combination. I’ve had similar characters in the past where I would basically never have to rest.

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The turn count is very low. Even with robe of Vines, I suspect that not every floor is fully cleared. That’s generally the win rate thing to do, but of course you can play how you want. Also, Shapeshifting is trained to 18, but you haven’t used a form yet. So it make sense why the char feels weak.

You can spam Unearth Wretches + Vile Clutch against a lot of things, you can go down to 1* piety and be fine with Kiku. At this point I think it’s just up to tactics (and a way to beat Zot. idt unmaking can kill orbs of fire, i’m not sure how to do it myself)

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