CIP Switching to M&F for +10 GSC of Speed?

I began this run as a FoGl using a staff to try to be efficient with offensive XP so I could spend more on defense. Still in the early game, pre lair. I have ~10 staff when I almost died to an Ogre carrying this weapon.

Now, I’m really debating switching. Cross training has me at 1.0 swing speed now. this is obviously the opposite of the efficient XP training I was going for with lajatangs though! What do y’all think, time to switch or is it a trap?

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I’d do it. Not often you get a chance for a good GSC run, I could argue Fo^GSC is stronger than Ogre^GSC, and you haven’t put xp into shields yet.

Not sure whether it’d be stronger than a classic Fo setup, but in any setting where you can dig kill holes you should be able to win fights with this club.

You’d have to be extra careful in places where you can’t dig killholes.

I once had a highly enchanted GSC of speed and that run was super super fun. Died because the GSC had rC- and I wasn’t paying attention to how much damage the similcra were doing… But GSC of speed are so fun!

That is a beautiful club with a solid name, and you actually found it on a species that can use it! You gotta go all in on becoming the baddest bug you can be. If you go out in a blaze of glory you can always run the latajang strategy then :slight_smile: