Coglin weapon questions

How does attack speed work when you’re wielding two weapons of different speeds? Do both just continue to attack at their own rate? That was my assumption, but when I wielded a heavy long sword in my offhand it seemed to slow down my longsword of electrocution in my main hand as well…

Is offhand different than your main weapon in terms of damage or anything else? If they’re equivalent, it might be better not to use the term ‘offhand’ as it implies a weaker attack, like the UC offhand attack.

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The wiki says the attack speed for both is the average of the two. So if you were at min delay (Long Blades skill ≥ 14), you would attack with both long swords every (7 + 10.5) / 2 = 8.75 auts.

I believe the weapons are treated identically whether they are “wielded” or “in off hand”.

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