Console everything is packed to upper left corner

I am trying to play on console.

Here is how it looks on my terminal. For some reason only upper left corner is used for map and lower left corner for log. Huge portion of screen is wasted. Tiles utilizes space much better. Is there any way to make console utilize more of this space?

Ouch, pastel shades!

In the options guide, “3-e Viewport Display Options” describes options to expand the map to fill the available space, and elsewhere the msg_min_height and msg_max_height options can let the message window expand, and the mlist_min_height and mlist_allow_alternative_layout options may also help. I’m afraid I don’t know why nothing expands by default.

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You probably want to change your console’s settings to zoom in or make the characters bigger. Each tile is one character in the map.

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Thanks, I added

view_max_width = 81
view_max_height = 71

and it is definitively better now.

Still some empty space but way less than it used to be.

I much prefer messages_at_top, FWIW - keeping the newest message closest to the map. Also, bold_brightens_foreground?