Console testers needed

Please help me to test PR #3192 and #3248. They have been tested on Linux but I don’t have any Mac hardware and Windows has only been tested via VNC, which probably alters the input tests.

You can download the test version from this release. Please use the console builds.

TEST 1 (#3192)

Move your character using the right side of the keyboard: numpad (with num lock on and off), arrows, home/end and pgup/down. Also with modifiers: Control, Alt, / and *.


Expected result: All the key combinations working in previous versions must continue to do so. Some other combinations should work now, but don’t expect all of them to work. More info here.

TEST 2 (#3248)

Include a new option in your configuration.

use_terminal_default_colours = true


Expected result: The game must use the terminal’s default foreground and background colors. This can be used to enable a transparent background.

Do Windows and Mac have terminals with configurable colors or transparency? I may be asking for a test that makes no sense in these platforms.

Thank you very much for your help!