Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament INSANE Tie-Breaker: Head Instructor

Welcome to the INSANE tie-breaker week of the 1st ever Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament (CCTT) that highlights important Trunk changes so far in trunk v0.32.

Challenge: Head Instructor

Important Tournament Rules:

  • Submitted runs must be played in trunk (aka git) on one of the official online servers.
  • Seeded games are NOT accepted.
  • You can make as many attempts as you want. Feel free to submit as many morgues as you’d like. The best 2 will be kept in the website’s database.
  • Morgues must be submitted while a challenge is active. No late submissions!
  • In the event of a tie for overall top spot, the highest score for this week will be used to determine the winner.

RoGGa :-D

PS: a huge thank you to:

  • gammafunk and qwqw for creating bot commands;
  • Alkemann and our new webdev team; and
  • floraline for hosting and managing the server.
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