Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament WEEK #1 results

The 1st week of the 1st ever Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament (CCTT) is over. Here’s a rundown of the stats.

Before the tournament started, Draconian Gladiators (DrGl) were a winning combo 1.2% (215/18220) of the time. When already worshipping Jiyva or Fedhas, the winrate bumps up to: 2.7% (7/260).

As for our crawlers for week #1, with gods as “Jiyva, Fedhas or none”, the winrate was 2.9% with 86 players, 54 submitters on the website, 23 winners and 799 games played.

Congratulation to the 15 players with a perfect score of 50 pts and 2 bonus stars, with the following 7 for managing to do one-and-won (win on their 1st attempt):

  • AbyssCosplay, Angani, Daunt, MrDizzy, mti, Tekkud, Wizard1ke

% of wins who killed Tiamat: 34.8% (8/23)

As for those who didn’t find Tiamat:

  • piedemon found pearl dragon on 28th Pan floor;
  • MrSquiggles did 29 Pan floors and a full zig;
  • Ge0ff “had to dive a few ( 54 ) pan floors to find holy pan and pearl dragons.”; and
  • TheMeInTeam did even more: 65 pan levels!!!

And lastly, the “Grinder Award” goes to: riffraff, who killed 105 DrGl! Now that is commitment folks. ;-p

I’m your host RoGGa
Thank you all for more than doubling my expectation of 25 submissions. Me so happy!!!

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