Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament WEEK #1: Tiamat, a DrGl

Welcome to the 1st Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament (CCTT) that highlights important Trunk changes so far in trunk v0.32

For tournament details see: About CCTT

WEEK #1 Challenge: Tiamat, Avatar of the Dragonlord

Play a Draconian Gladiator of Fedhas and/or Jiyva

For challenge conducts and bonuses: Tiamat, Avatar of the Dragonlord - Crawl Cosplay Challenge

Don’t forget to join our Discord at: Crawl Cosplay Challenge

Important Tournament Rules:

  • Submitted runs must be played in trunk on one of the official online servers.
  • Seeded games are NOT accepted.
  • You can make as many attempts as you want.
  • Morgues must be submitted while a challenge is active. No late submissions! Next challenge starts Friday May 31st at 0:00 UTC.


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