Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament WEEK #4: Blorkula the Orcula, a vampire of Beogh

Welcome to week #4 of the 1st ever Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament (CCTT) that highlights important Trunk changes so far in trunk v0.32.

WEEK #4 Challenge: Blorkula the Orcula

Important Tournament Rules:

  • Submitted runs must be played in trunk on one of the official online servers.
  • Seeded games are NOT accepted.
  • You can make as many attempts as you want. Feel free to submit as many morgues as you’d like. The best 2 will be kept in the website’s database.
  • Morgues must be submitted while a challenge is active. No late submissions! Next challenge starts Friday June 21h at 0:00 UTC (that’s 8pm Thursday on east coast)


PS: a huge thank you to:

  • gammafunk and qwqw for creating the bot commands:
    • !ccttwatch
    • !tstats 7 ccttweek4
    • !oneandwoncctt
  • Our new webdev team for answering my multiple Change Requests; and
  • floraline for hosting the server.
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I’m up to ~30 on my current run, and between this and my previous Blorkula non-tourney runs (at least I think it was blork) I’m really disappointed with new Beogh.

The homies are so flimsy that their best use is to be parked on the previous level and called in to fight when the next challenge arrives; otherwise, it just feels like I’m having to fight godless but I can smite a few big baddies. Occasionally I’ll call them in to bail me out of a fight gone south but after s-branches most characters should have enough non-god tools that they can essentially operate godless 90% (pulled directly from my bum) of the time.

I’m augmenting with Martyr’s Knell this game. It’s still just not enough. I pushed necro and that’s carrying most of the game at this point.

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