Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament WEEK #5: Xak of Dithmenos

Welcome to week #5 of the 1st ever Crawl Cosplay Trunk Tournament (CCTT) that highlights important Trunk changes so far in trunk v0.32.

WEEK #5 Challenge: Xak’krixis, Royal Expeditionary Alchemist

Important Tournament Rules:

  • Submitted runs must be played in trunk (aka git) on one of the official online servers.
  • Seeded games are NOT accepted.
  • You can make as many attempts as you want. Feel free to submit as many morgues as you’d like. The best 2 will be kept in the website’s database.
  • Morgues must be submitted while a challenge is active. No late submissions!
  • In the event of a tie for top spot, a special challenge will start Friday June 28h at 0:00 UTC (that’s 8pm Thursday on east coast)


PS: a huge thank you to:

  • gammafunk and qwqw for creating bot commands;
  • Alkemann and our new webdev team; and
  • floraline for hosting and managing the server.
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I had to run Faith in order to hit the bonus requirements, and spammed out the nightfall so much it wasn’t ever online when I needed it :(.

That said, new Dith feels pretty meh. At one point I was marked and standing next to a sleeping guard and marks in general were sporadic. Clearing vault:5 was easy. On the flip side, enemies followed me up the stairs even with high stealth and immediately after the nightfall. Shadow doesn’t show up often enough for me to really count on it and while the extra damage was a nice to have its still nothing I could ever really count on, so I still had to have a character that was able to win godless anyways.

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