Delete post problem

Tavern 2.0 doesn’t seem to have a Persistent delete function. I used tavern 2.0 and discord to discuss monster acrobat. Since the discussion is over, I tried to delete the post in Tavern 2.0, but there was no permanent delete function. Only access was locked and the title remained at the top of that category. There doesn’t seem to be a feature to suppress deleted posts from appearing on the page. In the end, I moved the category of the article and edited the content.

I think we need to either not expose deleted posts or have a trash can category.

Why should the history of the Tavern not be conserved?
Personally I think it’s good to leave old conversations up and findable. If people are really really embarrassed about what they wrote they can already delete the content of their own posts.

Not sure I understand, but there’s a straightforward delete feature (“delete topic” from the three dots) that edits the content and locks the post. Administrators and moderators have the ability to further hide deleted posts (e.g. unlist them so the edit history is no longer visible to non-moderators), so you could request this if you really want something to go away. I don’t actually understand why this particular post would need to be hidden, but given that it didn’t have any replies at the time I probably would have done it if asked. Now it does have replies of course.

Also, please don’t edit a post into an entirely different post again like this, just start a new one :slight_smile:

That’s a good comment. I think people are more afraid to write in communities where deletion is difficult. I’m worried that it might be a bit rigid.

I think it’s meant to give Tavern a different role than Discord. However, while this makes Discord active, Tavern seems somewhat rigid.

I understand your request and will act carefully. i apologize for causing site issues.

it was very difficult to adapt since I was in a completely different community. Could we add even a little bit of information about deletion to the guide? I feel that there may be people in this situation in the future. If it already has, I’m really embarrassed.