Dithmenos and faith

I am playing as DsFE and worshipping Dithmenos. First amulet I found was amulet of faith. Is it better to put it on or not to put it on? I do not have much experience with Dithmenos.

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I’m pretty sure that putting it on and taking it off when you get to full piety is always a win

Why is that?

because you get to *****. piety faster, I think. With Dith that means you get access to Shadow Mimic faster.
Reading the wiki, you should have less piety after taking off the amulet of faith then you would have if you hadn’t worn it, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Anyway, my rule of thumb is to generally wear Faith if it isn’t competing with anything particularly good and I’m at **… piety or below, or if I want to use the god abilities lots, or for special cases such as Oka armour gifts.

I have quite similar heuristics.

  1. I use sometimes faith for uskayaw as there is no drawback and for Ashenzari as generic curseholder if I don’t have anything better to curse.

  2. I use faith for gods which abilities I use lot and want to access them more often: Trog, Okawaru, Nemelex Xobeh, Makhleb, Elyvilon, Qazlal.

  3. I also use faith for gods where I want to get gifts quickly and don’t mind piety penalty after receiving what I need: magic gods, Jiyva and Ru.

For gods where I am not spending much piety but it is more about getting to high and staying there, it is bit trickier as wearing faith helps to get there faster, but if I find better amulet, it is going to set back progress instead. I am probably going to find better amulet at some point so eventually I’ll probably want to remove it anyways and it is going to set that progress back and I’d reach max piety anyways eventually without faith.

If it was just about getting to position with maximum piety with strong amulet then I’d not wear amulet of faith for Dithmenos. However often survival now is more important than optimizing for late game. Not putting amulet of faith on because of potentially finding amulet I want to wear instead is not necessarily optimizing for survival now, but Dithmenos does not really help much with immediate survival either. It is just vanilla amulet of faith so I think I’ll pass, if I find randart amulet of faith with nice bonuses then I’d be more interested in wearing it as it would more concretely help with immediate survival and I am less likely to find better amulet.