Do I bind Deep elf demonologist's soul?

Morgue: GnSu^Y -

Deep elf demonologist has nice spell set but is quite fragile. My current bound soul is Xtahua and it is quite strong would Deep elf demonologist be upgrade?

I’d be inclined to say “obviously not!?” but I may be missing something. I haven’t got too much relevant recent experience. Better question: “why would you?”

I was thinking about summoning greater demons be nice, but they do not seem that great compared to Xtahua, I think banishment/paralysis power scales with HD so Xtahua is more reliable on that front as well even though paralysis is not as strong effect as banishment it is pretty close.

I’ll keep Xtahua for now. Would Royal jelly keep its jelly release ability when bound? If it does that would be better ally than Xtahua. If it does not, I think I might want to keep Xtahua even over royal jelly.