Do you figure Ignis is a sad boy :c

It’s got to be soul-crushing to be the lad

It’s not like he doesn’t give happy flame fairies and cool fire threads to help out his homies (i.g. the one cinder acolyte left in existence) and can even do cool flight tricks, but noooooooo

Everyone else has to be like "Oh, Makhleb, you and your hell flames are so evil and that’s hawt" or like “Ohh, Vehu, hit me with those Conj spells one more time baby” and suddenly there are fifty million gods running around that can do fire stuff, leaving the guy dedicated to fire just standing there like The Dud from that one episode of The Simpsons

Unless he was super directly responsible for the Library of Alexandria’s mishap then i can’t imagine cancelling him so hard he ceases to exist is fair (eat a dong Jivya you and your eyes growing out of torsos and vacuuming up all inorganic material with your sludge puppies isn’t cool)

Can we all just press J to pay respects on the background selection screen to honor one of the soon-to-be-lost homies of this crazy and cruel toenail-golem-infested world :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Ignis is the dad from Coco

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I imagine ignis is just the most intense, white knuckle mother fucker around. Dwindling flame, solitary worshipper - do you sit around a temple all day every day drawing out the clock? No! You’re sent into the dungeon to retrieve the orb of Zot!

Ignis plays to win.

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Whenever I think of Ignis I imagine the dying candles in this little narrative game.

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My take is that he’s too stubborn to be sad. Why is everyone else worshiping these new-fangled whippersnapper gods? Those idiots! Nothing solves your problems like FIRE.

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I do like the concept someone here brought up of giving Ignis back some godly relevance if you manage to grab the orb of zot. Like, candle burned real low for a hot minute but now we got a shot of gasoline and this boy isn’t sad anymore

Oh no

Not sad at all