Giving names to Begoth followers?

I think that most of us can agree that the Begoth religion is mostly an Evil Christianity spoof with a mix of death crusades and "Aryan " Ideals thrown in there. One of the perks of following such a religion allows the player to gain disciples for your escapade to gain the orb of Zot. after living long enough with those disciples, they will level up with you and even gain names from the one at the top. However, in the actual bible, when Jesus first met one of his disciples named Simon, He causally changed his name to “rock”, better known as Peter. Peter did not object to this sudden name change at all. So if the canon Bible Jesus can change his followers names, Why can’t my dubious Hill orc messiah?
(Note: I personally think this would be a great change if it ever happens, being able to name your Begoth orc followers.)