Hexslingers with mid Apts?

Any advice on getting Hexslingers off the ground if you have +0 or worse aptitudes for ranged and the spell schools?

I could just pick up the first dagger I see and do it the old fashioned way, but I’d like to understand the Hs starting kit a bit better.

You can just use Jinxbite and forget about the rest of the spells in your starting book. Jinxbite is really strong and requires minimal investment. Around XL 8, if you want you can train a little to get Inner Flame online, which again should be cheap at that point and is a great bang for your buck.

Cause Fear and Dimensional Bullseye are fantastic on a ranged character, but shouldn’t be early game priorities. If you’re still playing a ranged character by lair, then you can learn these, but there are more crucial skills to train early on like ranged weapons, fighting, dodging, and possibly invo/evo.

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What narz said.

I just played a bunch of MDHs to get a win. The -2 Ranged aptitude convinced me I really wanted to switch to axes or M&F very early. Jinxbite is a great buff to any weapon. If you’re playing a race with decent Ranged apt, I’d stick to Ranged unless something else amazing pops up. So, train mostly Hexes to get Jinxbite reliable, which isn’t much, like 3 or 5. Then weapon, Fighting, Dodging, etc.

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