Heyooo! ^.^

Greetings, fellow crawlers! My apologies in advance for the possibly excessive vigorousness and verbosity of this introduction and the rest of the post - I’m a socially awkward weirdo who doesn’t really know how to words. Talk be hard.

Aaanyhoo, as a small contribution to hopefully start livening things up around here, here’s my very first post on this lovely cozy platform - a screenshot of a little something I managed to get during the first hours when 0.30 just came out, but couldn’t quite work up the courage to post on Reddit.

I’m sure there are words to describe the entire spectrum of emotions that hit me when I saw that tiny white-on-black message pop up on my screen. I do not know what these words could be, though, so it’ll probably be best if I shush up now and let the screenshot speak for itself.

And while this post will likely be quickly forgotten and buried in the annals of history, as most awkwardly presented things Internet do, I know that I myself shall hold the dear memory of this one-of-a-kind achievement very close to my heart and cherish it like a creepy tarnished teddy bear, forever.
And ever.
And ever. 0_0


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congratulations! Is this your first Naga win?

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Thank you! ^o^"

I was, to be honest, originally referring to that other thing that I hoped would be obvious at first glance and therefore neglected to explictly mention; namely, that it is my first time ever being featured as the top-scoring player on an official DCSS server scoreboard. Yup! :face_in_clouds:
Probably also the last, considering the entire happenstance was entirely and incredibly fortuitous.

But, hm. Now that you mention it, I think it might also be my first Naga victory as well! I have been trying winning as a snek every now and then, but I tend to splat either in the early game (before getting the build online) or in the late game (when falling back into my routinous habits and getting into a mess which my useless noodle body couldn’t get me out of as fast as I anticipated). Hubris and lack of skill, basically. Then I’ve started rolling with the :snake::bow_and_arrow:^Hep archetype that I had in mind for quite some time, got a few more early/mid splats, and caught this win purely by accident just a few hours after the new version rolled out.

Talk about a lucky 8r8k! :sweat_smile: :1st_place_medal:

A-ahem. :eyes:"

Oh I’d noticed that too, just wasn’t sure if that was the relevant bit. But congrats on both! (I don’t think I’ve ever managed either, actually — maybe I won a bugbuild naga?)

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