How long does it take to get the Abyssal Rune?

In my most recent win, my CoHu^Ash was cast into the Abyss whilst clearing the Elf:3 end vault. My character spawned next to the rune vault, and so I waltzed in and grabbed the rune in less than 100 turns (87 to be precise).

56487 | Abyss:3 | Found a corrupted altar of Lugonu.
56487 | Abyss:3 | Cast into level 3 of the Abyss (a deep elf sorcerer)
56519 | Abyss:3 | Found a glowing golden altar of the Shining One.
56555 | Abyss:3 | Noticed a juggernaut
56567 | Abyss:3 | Killed a juggernaut
56574 | Abyss:3 | Got an abyssal rune of Zot
56670 | Elf:3 | Escaped the Abyss

(morgue for anyone interested)

This got me thinking about how long characters spend in the Abyss before obtaining the rune. I know this CoHu is by far the fastest I’ve ever had, but I’m sure other people have gotten the same luck and nabbed it even quicker. So…what’s the record for fastest Abyssal Rune? What’s the median time? Is there a way to find out using the query bots?

Do you have any memorable Abyssal rune stories? Any super speedy ones? Have you ever died in the rune vault?

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I’ve certainly lost characters in the rune vault. And I think I once got banished to A:5 already inside the vault.

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My current record is 305 turns with a HOSu of TSO. Nowadays with the rune detection, the Abyss is clearly faster to do than before. Previously, it was common for me to spend 2000 - 5000 turns in the Abyss. Now my experience is that it’s more like 500 - 1500 turns.

Of course, my sample isn’t that big with this new mechanic, and maybe the Abyss will punish me harshly the next time I go there. Finally, I always take the rune from A:3 if I’m not forced deeper.

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My record is 2 turns, during the latest tourney (as we chatted about in our clan thread), but only because I chose to use a blink scroll to get there - you probably could have done the same thing if so inclined.

21058 | Abyss:3 | Cast into level 3 of the Abyss (vault warden)
21059 | Abyss:3 | Noticed a lich
21060 | Abyss:3 | Got an abyssal rune of Zot
21070 | Abyss:3 | Killed a lich
21075 | Abyss:3 | Paralysed by accursed screaming for 2 turns
21186 | Abyss:3 | Reached skill level 10 in Ranged Weapons
21207 | Vaults:1 | Escaped the Abyss

I am interested to see how folks fared without getting dropped right into the rune vault - I had almost literally the best-case scenario (A:3, right in the vault, could blink, could kill everything in there) but it would feel more satisfying to have to search the Abyss to get to the vault and have it happen quickly, I think.

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!speedabyss is usually the command to find the fastest rune retrievals but it’s very slow for larger amounts of data (it times out trying to handle single players if they’ve collected lots of abyss runes).

I made !speedabyss3 the night I read this post and it can handle any specific player as well as all players between now and 0.29 but fails if you try to go back as far as 0.28. Looking at all players between 0.29 and now (!speedabyss3 * cv>=0.29), the shortest time from entering the abyss to getting the rune is a single turn so I suppose someone spawned on or right next to the rune :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to improve it further and display the avg/median and to display the game IDs so you could look at logs and ttyrecs. It’s not difficult to do considering the command already has access to that data, however I’m running into various constraints (limited character length especially. I feel bad about creating auxiliary functions just to make the command short enough heh). Edit: I’ve just decided to make a couple extra functions to make room to display min/max/avg/median in one command. I’ll do it tonight, assuming I don’t run into some other limitation.

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wow, that’s incredible! i didn’t realize you could spawn inside the vault!

this coglin of mine spawned just outside the vault, so i had to walk over to the entrance and fight through, though ashenzari showed me that the rune was less than 7 tiles away from where i spawned

Actually, the 305 turns I mentioned were from entering the Abyss to exiting with the rune. From entering to picking up the rune it was 196 turns. Not that it matters but just to be precise :slight_smile:

yeah, it was fantastic. Since it was the tourney and I didn’t have the rune yet, I blinked to grab it just in case I messed it all up and died :laughing: but it was also maybe the second time I’d been to the new Abyss and I had no idea on my first visit.

It might be some time before I get that kind of rune luck again!

!speedabyss3 * recentish
Abyss rune retrievals for * (recentish): Min: 1 Max: 12871 Median: 414 Average: 651

This is {turns when they picked up the rune} - {turns when they most recently entered the abyss}, mind you.

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