How to clear a broken save?

Playing on CKO my TrEE is likely a turn or two from death, and the game has crashed. I’ve reported the crash on Mantis; but is there a way to get rid of the (likely lost anyway) savefile, so I can at least start a new character?

This can be done by the server admin (floraline), or if the crash gets fixed. Looking at what I think is the crash (, this is something that should be fixed, so it’s hopefully a matter of waiting for the server to have a version with the fix.

(Also, do you know that CKO is going to close sometime soon? Possibly not the right time to be starting new games on it…)

Right, it solved itself when the fix happened.

And yes I was aware of that but assumed that “sometime soon” meant “sometime in the next month or two” and we’d likely get an indication when that was imminent; is that not so?

Yeah, I’m not sure of the exact timing right now but hopefully there’ll be a concrete announcement soon. floraline had originally said sometime after the tournament, and even postponed the shutdown from his original plan so we could have cko for the tournament, so I wouldn’t want to overpromise…

(A replacement server with a similar setup / location that imports the cko account database is in the works as well.)

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