How to enter Vaults without runes?

I am trying to enter Vaults with both Gv1 and > on top of staircase but no luck

It is 0.31 so should be able to enter there without rune, but how?

I think it wants you to type “yes” in the prompt. There should be a message as well, it’s a precaution against accidental descents.

Thanks, that worked. Message would make this easier.

I meant, I think there is already a message in place, but something got bugged and your log doesn’t display it correctly. here is my morgue

This is usually caused by over-aggressive rc muting. In your case, you currently have:

msc := message_colour
msc += mute:Confirm with

This will mute all prompts that require a yes or no answer, since they end with “(Confirm with "yes".)”. Needless to say I wouldn’t recommend muting log lines on this particular string :slight_smile:. There’s a spell targeting line this might be trying to mute, in which case you’ll need to use a more specific regex.

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Thanks, I’ll remove that line.