How to set speed to slowest ally in trunk?

It used to be ctrl+t if I remember correctly but now it just says unknown command. I tried to check with ?? but nothing seemed helpful there either.

I checked in 0.30 and it was indeed ctrl+t

Oh wow. It looks like a week ago allies just speed up to your speed outside combat so the now useless command was cut!

As a UI convenience, make allies speed up to match the player’s
move speed if there are no enemies nearby. This is a common minor
pain point for players (needing to hit ctrl-t to match travel speed),
and there’s no reason players should need to worry about it.

This should hopefully be mostly transparent and unnoticeable for

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That is quite nice qol improvement. I have at least once messed up escaping due to getting slowed to ally speed. Making gap and then using G to travel away but traveling happening slower due to allies.

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