I miss chatting about the game - Discord, IRC, Matrix combined?

I’m finding myself missing having a place to chat about the game, asking questions, celebrating minor victories, etc. Previously libera.chat had all of its rooms bridged to Matrix, but apparently there were issues with that implementation that Libera was not satisfied with, and that’s no longer the case. Even at the time, the relatively small group of dedicated IRC users lamented that most people had moved on to Discord, and few frequented the channel.

I don’t use Discord for grumpy software reasons, and IRC just feels like a hassle. But I’ve seen in other communities where they have a bot or bridge that connects a discussion across Discord, IRC, Matrix, Telegram, etc. Has anyone thought about connecting the DCSS rooms in this way? If not, do people think it sounds like a good idea? I’d be willing to research and set up a bot if needed; I already host a webserver and Matrix homeserver, and could run a bridge without too much extra effort. Despite being a longtime player (2007) I haven’t felt very in touch with the DCSS community, except that brief time the bridge was running. I’d like to have that again (and more!), but I’d like to get in contact with other players who are interested in this before I invest a bunch of time or effort.


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I’d join. I miss my tournament team’s discord. I’ve also been playing for a very long time.

I can’t say I’ll be very active asking question since I’m on a dworffortress bender right now, but I’d be happy to hear about new things and whatnot.

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Having the community more connected sounds like a good idea to me!

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At one point there was talk of putting an irc bridge to #crawl in the dcss channel of the roguelikes discord. At the time it was nixed just because the culture in the two was so different; but now there is not really any culture in irc at all, and people might be open to the concept again. That discord does have other bridged channels; I’m not sure if there are any bridges besides irc, but there are a lot of channels in there so there could well be.

However, there are two related problems that bridges raise: (i) they rely on someone (typically someone else) doing moderation at the other side of the bridge, and (ii) unless integration is perfect, features like blocking usually don’t work well or at all across bridges. (I actually stopped participating in the discord brogue channel there regularly because of this.)

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Easier to hide IRC from your boss. I approve. Could add a panic macro to preview the actions spreadsheet from the morgue but with customized labels from the rcfile.

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