Is it worth it to carry around a beast talisman if you already have a maxed flux?

im just trying to find a better talisman but flux is rocking it atm, so should i keep beast on me and waste an inventory spot?

Can’t think of a situation where swapping from Flux to Beast would meaningfully alter your chances to win a fight. So probably you can just drop it.

edit: In general the reason you wanna carry around slow-to-swap stuff like Talismans is that it can help you with a timed portal. Everything else can be dropped and ctrl+f’ed later.

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There’s almost no reason to carry talismans at all. You can un-transform without them. You can almost always just ctrl+f to find them on the ground and transform. Mostly you want to carry them out of portals and drop them on the ground where you can access them in the future.

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