Is Necromutation removed from trunk?


So my question is simple: Is Necromutation still available in Trunk?

I have not played Dungeon Crawl for at least half a year, maybe longer, so yesterday I thought I would do a quick run and return to this glorious game. I am not a new player and have thousands of hours of experience playing the game. I love doing Ziggurat runs the most and I am most interested in the endgame.

Imagine my surprise when I picked up a Necronomicon and there was no Necromutation in it! Can someone please tell me if they moved it to another book or something? Or did they remove the spell altogether?

Yes, the spell has been removed. It’s been replaced by the rather rare Death Talisman, which requires Shapeshifting skill to use instead of Necromancy.

All “Form” spells from Transmutations got turned to Talismans, which are evokable items that give you a permanent Form, as long as your Shapeshifting skill is sufficient.

Thanks for the quick reply.

This update seems great. I have over 60 old Ziggurat runs and I am VERY pleased to see they added a Talisman of Death to character files that were running Necromutation already. This way I can update them without losing it. Good job developers!

Cannot wait to test these Talismans. Some seem very interesting indeed.

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