Is save scum bad or blessed

I just wanted to save resume. Had way too much fun as a minotaur berzerker and wanted to get more soficiated.

Here is my bash script for linux

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You can also enter explore mode if you want! Your games won’t be scored but it should work online unless your server has it disabled. Press + to enter explore mode and when you die, it will give you a prompt allowing you to opt-out of dying.

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I will try that. +. Updated the script cause it had terrible bugs.

To answer the question in the title: I mean, it is a single player game. There is no right way to play the game and if you are having fun you are doing it right!

I personally LOVE the real death aspect of the game. I’ve had so many characters that were GOING TO WIN die due to stupidity. It gets me down for a bit, but then I get to roll a new character. I think everything before the S branches is the best part of the game because it is the most impactful on your character, so I’m cool with it. I have something like 2000 deaths tracked on official servers (and many more before that when I played locally).

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To me, it often would be better if there were 2 save points in the game. It gets to the point where I have a dozen characters stashed in the mid game (end of D - start of Z) and I daren’t play any of them because I can’t care about them enough to keep them alive (by paying proper attention) but I also care too much to play with them knowing I’m going to get them killed.
Save scumming helps.
Playing with infinite lives does not help at all.

Yes the death threat does make you play with heart. You have lots of experience to draw from where I have relatively none. The characters getting to mid high is really informative to see how choices play out.

I will try the server some day.

Realized that a death pose screenshot would be fun. Some of the pics are cool :sunglasses: in the last moments kind of way.

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Lol resurrection of historical figures to just send them back.

I’m learning that skill progression and choosing the right God is my problem.

This is pretty slick bash work.

I did something similarly scummy back when I started learning to play; although, my solution was way less elegant. iirc it was just rsyncing the save dir every minute.