Is there a guide to gods?

Hi, there! Just got started playing 0.30 today after a long hiatus of playing older versions of the game. There are some gods I don’t recognize here, and plenty of species/background combinations i haven’t recently tried.

With that in mind: Is there a guide for what gods to pick, relative to what sort of character you have? I know there are general examples (e.g. sif muna is for generalist spellcasters, vehumet is for conjuration specialists, etc.) but it seems like there’s a fair amount of overlap in several situations, particularly with hybrid characters. If there was a somewhat detailed breakdown of what gods to worship given certain characters, that would be super useful!

Applies to my current CIP, by the way. Current character dump on that can be located here.



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You might start in the wiki here.

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I don’t think that there is. There are too many good choices for that format to be effective, I think. You’d think sif muna was just a spellcaster god except sif is also a pocket pick for some melee fighters who want to be able to exegesis powerful spells later to control dangerous situations, for example.

In lieu of that there are some gods that are just broadly considered very potent and good on anything.; Ru, Gozag, Ashenzari.

I think the real consideration around gods isnt based on what is good later on but mostly on whether an early altar that you’ve found will help you win even if you wouldn’t normally take it. The early game is the most dangerous part, by the time you reach the temple you’ll typically have enough momentum that there are very few if any ‘wrong’ choices

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I would just take the first god you see that will work okay with your build. Imo the gods can be roughly categorized as

For anyone:

Anyone that can invest more in invo:

For anyone with early faith:

For melee:
Wu jian

For ranged weapon users only:

For no one:

For early game only:

I’m not familiar:
Everyone else

Edit: forgot casters:

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I’ll second just taking the first okay deity; I usually have signed up with someone before I get to the Temple. Sooner you sign up, sooner you get the first star of piety. My one quibble with Pisaster’s lists, I think, would be Chei, of whom I tend to be dubious; but maybe good for a Reaver?

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I created an account for this post. I’m a bit short on time so if I don’t get through all of this I’ll try to remember to come back.

Others have given good advice RE - picking a decent god regardless of your combo, and it’s good advice, but I don’t think it’s what you’re after. That said, the following is a hypothetical situation where you have all gods available to pick from:

Ashenzari - Just about any character will do well. Djinni is the star here. Generally I’d pick Ash on a caster over a melee guy (exception is transmuter which is great with Ash). That said, I hate Ash
Beogh - Any Hill Orc, biased towards melee guys
Cheibriados - I don’t think there’s a combo that “should” pick Chei over other gods because when you start worshipping Chei, he makes you temporarily weaker in a part of the game where you really don’t want to be weaker. That said, if you can survive early Chei, then Chei is good for most anything, though casters benefit a bit more because you get so much Int.
Dithmenos - Ranged or stabby characters get the most benefit, but I don’t have a problem taking Dith on most anything except pure melee and summoning. He’s not bad for pure melee, but there are better choices.
Elyvilon - Boring, but strong for any character. I wouldn’t pick Ely over other choices on much of anything (though I did use Ely to win a Felid because of healing), but that’s only because other choices are really strong too. If I see an early Ely altar, I will almost always worship her then swap to something else.
Fedhas - Same thing as Dith, though I also like Fed on Summoners.
Gozag - Good on anything. I don’t generally pick Gozag but that’s just because I don’t enjoy playing him.
Hepliaqlkana - Maybe my favorite god - I love the ancestor. Hepl is great on any character, though I would avoid picking this god on low HP species (Deep Elf, Spriggan, Felid, etc). You don’t have an ancestor until * piety and -10% hp in the early game is lame.
Ignis - No real opinion but that’s only because I haven’t played much. Ignis is super strong, but you’ll want to swap gods later in the game which generally isn’t recommended for beginners. I’d be fine taking Ignis on any character.
Jiivya - I’ll come back to this
Kikuasd;fkljsf - Any mage
Lugonu - Any character, though you won’t see this altar much. If you see a Lucy altar and don’t have a god yet, take it.
Mahkleb - I’ll come back.
Nemelex - I mostly take Nem on hybrids who are spread thin on experience. Nem gives you a lot of utility to augment your toolkit. That said, Nem is fine on any character, though I would be hard pressed to take Nemelex on a blaster caster (conjurer, air elementalist, fire elementalist) because you don’t want to blow up summons from a card.
Okawaru - Amazing god for anyone, though more beneficial to melee
Qazlal - I’ll come back.
Ru - I’ll come back.
Sif Muna - I hate this god, but that’s just like my opinion. Pick Sif for any mage character and you’ll be fine.
Trog - Any melee character except ghouls or mummies. Mummies do okay with Trog because Trog’s Hand gives you willpower, but undead can’t berserk so I’d rather pick other gods.
Uskayaw - Take Usk on Vine Stalkers and Trolls. I’ve never played a caster of Usk but I’m sure it’s fine. Vine Stalker Fighter of Usk is insane.
Vehumet - Blaster casters
Wu Jian - Great god for any melee, though particularly good for stabbers
Xom - Don’t pick Xom
Yredelemnul - I’ll come back
Zin - Same explanation as Elyvilon, though I often don’t swap off Zin. Best used on characters with a decent Invocation aptitude. Really strong god, and I’m happy to pick Zin on most any character.
The Shining One - Same as Zin, though I would avoid TSO on weaker combinations because TSO doesn’t give you much until later in the game

I’m not done but I’m out of time so I’ll pop back in later

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So, here’s a great tool for finding out what other players are winning with. It will link to all gargoyle reavers in 0.30. You can see the popularity and winrate of each god choice, and look at individual games as well.

You’ll see some pretty high winrates compared to other combos. I bet that GaRe was a Nemlex’s choice during the tournament and that that drew in a higher concentration of experienced players.

I think it’s best used to make sure you aren’t overlooking some popular, successful god choice. When I was struggling to get a DEHu win, I saw that Hep was a very successful god for many people. That encouraged me to try it myself and learn that despite the already low DE hitpoints, it’s a very powerful choice.

Don’t rely too much on other people’s opinions though. God choice is probably the single biggest thing affecting the feel of a DCSS game, and what other people hate might just be your favorites. (For example, my highest winrate is with Ely and I have a lot of fun, it’s like a hexer but actually viable and your hex is kindness. My first time making it to zot:5 and my first 14 rune game were both with Chei, because being slow ingame makes my playing MUCH slower and more cautious.)

Oh btw, if you used to play many versions ago, don’t assume that a god you played before is the same! There’s been some pretty significant reworks, to the point that you might want to be considering, say, Fedh, Nem, Sif, or Yred for example, new gods as well depending on how long ago we’re talking.

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Personally, I like to pick a god as early as possible, because early game is the most dangerous part of the game. So usually I have a god before I find the Temple. I don’t pick Trog, I reserve Trog for when I’m playing a Berserker. Likewise with Xom and CK. Sif and Vehumet won’t usually get picked if I don’t already have spells, unless I have god Int for some reason and want to take advantage of it.

The game is obviously meant to be fun, so I think it’s best to try each god and see how they feel.

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I’m back

Jiivya - Jiivya is a weird one. Rather than saying “this combo works great with Jiivya”, it’s easier to think the other way around. Jiivya gives you great regen, stats, beneficial mutations, and is overall super strong, but you lose most items in the game. That includes weapons, armour, books, consumables, everything. Slimes will eat it all. If you have a character where the positives outweigh the negatives, take Jiivya. This will be a very rare choice though because the altar doesn’t spawn much in the early game, and by the time you see one, you probably don’t want to abandon your current god.

Mahkleb - Decent on most anything, though the most recent nerf made Mahk a “don’t bother” god for me. Heal on kill, lesser/major destruction, and summoned help are all nice but also have drawbacks. Summoning a hostile demon can be really bad for example.

Qazlal - ehhh. I would never pick Qaz if I wanted to win, with a possible exception of a melee gargoyle or formicid, both using large shields. You’re more or less marked all game, but clouds and Qaz abilities are amazing. Qaz is really fun but challenging. I’d stay away from Qaz on anything not using heavy armour.

Ru - Good for any character. A benefit to Ru is that Ru has no wrath for abandonment, except you keep your sacrifices. That means you can take a D2 Ru altar, then if you find something else you would rather have, feel free to switch.

Yredelemnul - I loathe Yred. I won’t comment on what combos work well with Yred because there is literally never a situation where I would purposely worship him

So, that’s all the gods out of the way, but I wanted to point out a broader strategy to picking a god. Think of your character like a tool box. Your tools are generally melee, range, magic, consumables, innate abilities, and god abilities. Every god has their own set of tools that may benefit tools you already have (Veh makes your spells stronger for example), or give you new tools to deal with situations, etc. Whenever you see an altar, if you don’t already have a god, you should ask yourself “what tools does this god give my character? Do those tools fill in a gap that I need? Are they beneficial? Detrimental?” Then make your decision based on that. Here’s a basic hypothetical:

You’re playing a straightforward Naga Fighter. Your tool kit at the beginning is melee, poison spit, consumables, high stealth, high hp, etc. In exchange for this great tool kit, you move slowly which makes running basically impossible and repositioning needs to be done carefully. You’re thinking “man Okawaru or Trog would be great for this”, and you would be right. Now you’re on D2 and you see a Fedhas altar.

“What does Fedhas do for me? He makes plants neutral/friendly, allows you to move through plants, gives you some interesting summons, etc. Do those tools fill a gap? Well I can’t run from stuff or reposition, but if I had a plant to block enemies that will help. Ballistomycetes can help me in difficult battles, or I can use my stealth to run away while the mushrooms distract things. Do these tools benefit other tools I already have? Not really. Fedhas doesn’t give me Heroism or Berserk to make mymelee attacks stronger, but I’m a fighter so if I really need some more power for a hard fight then I have a Potion of Might. Sounds like my only negative to picking Fedhas is that I can’t pick Trog later”.

Based on that analysis, I would say Fed is a fantastic pick for this character. Is Okawaru better? Probably, but even though DCSS is quite difficult, it is extraordinarily well balanced, and just about any character with any god can win. In this case Trog might give a slightly better chance of winning, but you may not find Trog until D9, and right now Fedhas is great. I’d pick Fedhas in this situation without any hesitation.

I’m rambling a bit, hope this makes sense. I’m happen to expand on things if you’d like :slight_smile: Happy Crawling!

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To everyone who’s responded to this so far: Thank you, genuinely, for all the advice. I’ve gone from feeling a bit flustered about what i should do to both actively curious about experimentation and feeling like i’m buoyed to enough guidelines to not be totally lost. I was already somewhat intrigued about .30, but now I’ve gunned way over that into actively enthusiastic about it.

In particular, massive thanks to Dazliare for the breakdown on a bunch of different gods and to purplemustard for the stats link - i had no idea the latter existed and i’ve been using it as extensively as i’ve been rolling up new characters (i.e. often, since i’m pretty bad at the game.)

Currently, I’ve started worshipping Ash as a KoNe, which i never would have considered before, and I’m having an absolute blast with it! Even when YASD inevitably happens, I’m looking forward to trying out something new in the next character and seeing how that turns out.

Y’all are great. I think I love this community. :smile:

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Lugonu soaks up some wrath if you switch to her…. at least with Okawaru. :slight_smile: It was a pleasant surprise after I switched out of necessity to escape abyss. It was very helpful keeping Okawaru summon numbers down to something manageable, even though 50% or so still summoned.

Here’s my rough guide for what god to pick

ash - great for any mage bgs
beogh -
chei - mostly very bad because it ruins your early game. sometimes good for Na, Ba
dith - slightly good for dex focused char
ely - good for char who don’t have crappy def stats(ac+ev+sh)
fed - good for anyone. great for ranged weapon user
gozag - good for anyone. great for Op, Fe
hep - great for anyone. extremely good for ranged weapon user
ignis -
jiyva -
kiku - great for necromancer bg. good for some char who want to get necro spells early
lucy -
mak - good only If you have early access to **** piety
nem - great for anyone
oka - extremely good for melee char (including transmuter)
qaz - bad
ru - (hard to explain)
sif - slightly good for blaster caster
trog - extremely good for melee char
usk - good only if you already have good short blade and good to go stabber
veh - slightly good for blaster caster
wjc - slightly good for stabber, transmuter and melee char
xom -
yred - good for melee char
zin - slightly good for melee char (but not really fun to play)
tso - good for heavy armour melee