Is there an in-game way to see status effects and their descriptions?

Talking about things like Corroded, Poisoned, Slow, Orb, Frozen, etc.

I know you can see a list on the side bar and via % and @ hotkeys but I’m not sure if they are described anywhere.

I’m talking about something like the ‘A’ menu where you can get descriptions of all your mutations. (Heck, if there isn’t something I’m missing, maybe status effects could just be listed there as well.)

I recently got hit with ‘Vertiginous’ from a klown pie. What did it do? I guess I was dizzy, but otherwise no idea.

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There’s a wiki page (mostly up to date): Status effects - CrawlWiki

Vertigo is not on there though, probably cause it’s so rare. It lowers your EV and accuracy by 5 points and also lowers your spell success somewhat, a pretty annoying, but generally non-lethal debuff.

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?/ does in-game lookups in general!

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In webtiles there’s a popup that shows on mouseover of the status line, but I don’t think any similar direct interface exists for other UIs (someone should add this), using the lookup ui is the main way. A few may not have descriptions in-game though Vertigo does:

You are disoriented and dizzy, reducing your accuracy, evasion, and
spellcasting success rate.

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Ah yeah, that mouseover tip looks nice. Unfortunately I play on mobile usually, I’m not sure it’d even be feasible there.