Latest stable release: 0.30.1

I’ve just tagged bugfix release 0.30.1; this contains all sorts of small fixes, but the major fix is for zooming in local tiles, which was broken in 0.30.0.

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I’m not sure about the best place to put this, so please move the comment if needed. I want to let you know that I just tried to download the 30.1 Windows Installer version, and my antivirus has gone nuts with alerts about a Trojan threat in the file. Unfortunately, I didn’t copy the details when the alerts came up, and now that the antivirus has removed the threat, the name has disappeared from my dashboard. Hopefully it’s something that is quick and easy to sort out!

Unfortunately the installer build very often triggers virus scanner false positives due to heuristic scanning techniques; antivirus companies will remove the false positive when asked, so that’s why it went away. See Antivirus said the tiles+console installer was infected with a trojan when I tried · Issue #3243 · crawl/crawl · GitHub etc.

update to 0.31 plz