Make potions be fruits (very important)

The crawl dudes made lots of really cool fruits and stuff once upon a time
Then food got removed for reasons of hunger not adding much to the fun factor of the game
but while it’s hard to get worked up about nine steaks or thirteen breads, sometimes a guy just misses having a lychee and four bananas and 22 sultanas and 2 apricots and 8 grapes cluttering up their inventory

Super important alternate proposal: Take all the potions (palette swap liquid in glass bottles, like sodas except magical effects) and replace them with potion fruits
Using the little icons in the tiles set to show the effects and have said fruit differ in what potion they represent each game

imagine a world with plantains of might, chokos of degeneration, apples of experience
Then suddenly you die and roll up a new character, and the plantains give you resistance and the degeneration is in oranges because screw you florida or something
it’ll contain all the fun of collecting fruits :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush: with all the practicality that potions normally have in the game :cocktail: :kissing_closed_eyes: :sake:

I for one long for a world in which my TeCj can get out of a frisky tango with a pack of death yaks, shove three lemons and a strawberry down his throat and immediately start throwing out conjurations again like it’s nobody’s business
it’s like three healing potions and a mana potion except so much brighter and tastier

:pleading_face: Please :pleading_face:

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While we’re at it, they could make scrolls be pizza flavors. That way it would make more sense (a) why they’re single-use and (b) why Trog’s okay with them.

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This is absolutely BRILLIANT

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critical lore question: do vampires and ghouls eat fruit? very important to stay healthy out there

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The answer used to be no, but once Fedhas took them in vampires and ghouls expanded their diets to include fruit.

Mummies, on the other hand, eat only pizza and no fruits or veggies. Poor diet is the reason they’re all dried and shriveled up.

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When you think about it, fruits are just vegetable flesh and vegetable blood. It makes perfect sense that vampires and ghouls would be able to eat them :kissing: :ok_hand:

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