Morgues and character dumps

When asking questions that relate (even tangentially) to an ongoing crawl character, it is recommended that you share a morgue / character dump (“chardump”) file.

Generating a morgue file

For ongoing games: Press # in game.

  • Offline games: this will put a link into the console that will tell you where to find the morgue. The location is OS-specific.
  • Online webtiles games: this will put a link in the chat box that you can click on; the details are server-specific.
  • Online console games: you probably already know how to find this. But if not, the easiest way is probably to use a web browser to spectate yourself, and hit # in the console window – this will print the link in the spectator’s chat.

Be aware that these files are not a stable or permanent link and change each time # is pressed or the game is exited. See below for tips on ensuring that you share the correct version.

For completed offline games:

  • look in the same folder that the above command produces; the morgue will be named with the time and date that it ended.

For completed online games:

  • You can find recent links to morgues on your player page on Crawl Scoring (stable and alpha versions).
  • You can get links to arbitrary games using any of the standard knowledge bots: Sequell (on IRC, in #crawl among others), beem (on webtiles chat), and Cerebot (on the Roguelikes discord). The latter two are actually just interfaces to Sequell, for these purposes. The command is usually something like !lg . SpAs -log, which would search for the query-er’s last game as a SpAs, and print the log link. See full docs on github
  • Your server may have some custom way of getting these links.

Sharing a morgue file

Unless you are providing a stable link to a completed online game, you may want to put a copy of it as a text file on the internet. There are many services that do this easily and for free (a la imgur but for text), but here are some standard ones:

Rather than posting your entire morgue file on the tavern, please use one of the above services; currently morgues will exceed the post size limit anyways.

In some cases it may make sense to post a small part of a morgue file directly in a tavern post (please don’t do this in a comment). If you are sharing a partial morgue file, please put it within a preformatted text block, and if it is long enough, with a “details” block (which can be accessed in the gear menu while editing).

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