Repeated crash

This game crashed twice in approximately the same situation: After I defeat the ice giant in the ice cave, whilst I try to put on an amulet of reflection from his hoard. I have a Storm ongoing, and I have *Tele from a mutation.

This ice cave isn’t exactly safe for this character, and if I have to keep replaying it eventually I’m going to die.

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I believe this was fixed but your server will have to update. I believe CXC updates daily at 0600 UTC which I think is 15 minutes from now so by the time you read this I hope you can equip your amulet again <3

edit: it seems cxc didn’t update at it’s scheduled time :c

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Putting on the amulet of reflection still crashes the game. Perhaps it will be better tomorrow.

At least I could (ab)use it to reroll for some good mutations. *Tele was getting on my nerves.

For the record, this cause of crashes was fixed today

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