Share your macros

These are the macros I use daily.

Post below if you got any awesome macros!

NP- = > - This allows me to step down stairs with Numpad -.

NP+ = < - This allows me to step up stairs with Numpad +.

NP/ = \{9}o - Attack, then Auto Explore. It will do it in that order. This allows me to quickly speed though the first dungeons with a new character. This is my favorite macro. I can play with only my right hand on the keypad.

z = z* - This allows me to see my list of spells when I hit z key

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I don’t use F1-F4 macros now that ring breadswinging and mana rings got nerfed into oblivion, but I do use capslock to remap my numpad to shift+move now that shift macros are banned and support for numpad is gone. ` is usually my quickcast for conjurations or precasting my ice buffs before opening a door.

\{9} is just tab, so \{9}o will try to auto-attack, and then try to auto-explore, which depending on your settings rests before it explores.

My rc file has grown to use a ton of lua macros I coded. One day I’ll clean it up so that it’s usable by others, but I really shouldn’t spend my time on something that’s neither fun nor important.

Yes. That’s true! I have that setting enabled!

I have something similar and mapped it to the “y” key it recently helped me get a <1h win :slight_smile::

##Press "tab" when enemies are visible and "o" when they are not
function autoplay()
    if you.feel_safe() then
macros += M y ===autoplay

This has the benefit of not pressing “tab” or “o” when one is not applicable (i.e thus you won’t get a message that one failed each turn). Also in contrast to your version it won’t make one run away immediately after winning a fight (unless one is keeping the button pressed lol, [which tbo isn’t unlikely]).

The macro for seeing the spell list when hitting “z” looks neat. I might copy that :).

P.S. If anyone has a macro for automatically turning autopickup off for items one drops this would be really cool (especially for rings/amulets) :slight_smile:

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if you press \ in the drop menu, it also turns off autopickup for the items you select. If you want that as the default, you can use a macro like macros += M d d\\ (rc file format). It needs two \ because it’s also the escape symbol.

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Cool didn’t know that, :smiley: it works perfectly thanks a ton!

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You’re welcome.


I make do with 1 = za, 2 = zb, 3 = zc, 4 = zd, 6 = ze, 7=zf, 8 = zg, 9=zh, with zaf, zbf instead as appropriate. I also use z as a spell slot so hitting z twice casts a spell. I’ll also use ` = aff for breath weapons

In my F keys:
F1: iAw\{27}\{27}zA
F2: iAw\{27}\{27}zB

F5: iBw\{27}\{27}zE
F6: iBw\{27}\{27}zF

This is when I have enhancer staves and use two schools of magic. It automatically wields the right staff, and then casts the spell me. It doesn’t waste any time if the staff is already wielded. Pretty nice.

I basically use the F keys exclusively for magic.

I use e or f or smth instead of = to switch between enemies. NVM I’ll just put my Rc macros too hard to explain.
macros += M 1 za
macros += M 2 zb
macros += M 3 zc
macros += M 4 zd
macros += M 6 ze
macros += M 7 zf
macros += M 8 zg
macros += M 9 zh
macros += M e p
macros += M p e
Macros += K2 f =
Macros += K2 e f
I got spell macros which I always use, extremely useful since I use hjklyubn to move and don’t need numbers. Makes spellcasting so easy. E is my quiver activate so it’s closer. P is my equip. F cycles targets so I don’t have to reach equals. And e is fire because it’s comfortable. And I can double tap e to quiver fire.

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