Should Ghouls only raise int if they start with 3?

Because being brainless sucks kinda

In the early-game, XL 3-9, raising Strength would generally be the way to go. The early-game is the most dangerous. For a Fighter / Berserker, strength gives the most immediate impact to combat. Int drain effects aren’t terribly common.

But, for Ghouls in particular, !mutation can cause up to -4 to a stat. So at XL 3, raising Int past 3 is probably optimal.

For a 3 rune game, I would invest 1-2 sets of points into Int, unless you find something like the shield of Ignorance, since stat drain isn’t very common. If you plan on doing a 15 rune, stat drain pretty common in extended, so int on every level is possibly viable.

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Yeah it’s almost certainly not worth for your level 3/9 boosts, but if I had no int rings by 15 and no int from gear I might consider bumping it then.

What would be nicer is if ghouls had slightly less awful stats, but a person can dream.

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hey ill take no mutation and no torment lol. not complaining

In my experience most of the time you will have IQ rings to put on when stats are drained, so I do not put IQ on ghouls that do not use spells.

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