Since shapeshifting doesn't rely on int/magic stuff

What is a recommended god? Im playing MfSh, or whatever the abbreviation is.

Shifters are just melee dudes with slot restrictions most of the time, so all the normal “melee-friendly” gods would work. It’s easier to list the ones that may be sketchy for pure melee attacker: Chei, Zin (forbids forms), Xom, Sif (still good for exegesis), Kiku, Veh. Special mention goes to Ash, who doesn’t give skill boost from melded equipment, so not ideal as well.

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i guess you’re right on the first pt. thanks

Octopodes are an exception, OpSh^Ash is divine, all rings and amulet effects, and if your statue, shield + hat too!!
Just remember the devices curse is awesome, but boosting dodging/shields is usually better in my experience. UC never really needs curses to boost with talismans.
Self curse is iffy, depends on if you are pure meleedude or if you hybridize

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