Taverns of offbrand Unique monsters

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“Booker the Book-hater”
Appears in: Shoal, Swamp, Spider, or Snake.
HP: Around 150, AC: 13, EV:5, Will:100

Description: Trog-worshipping Armtaur who hates all kind of magic, the filthy art of weaklings. When she witnesses any act of magic casting by you, she becomes berserk and starts using charging attacks to murder you.

“Punished Felid”
Appears in: Late game branches not unlike Boris. If Natasha appeared in the game, this unique won’t appear.
HP: Around 110, AC: 1, EV:25, Will:150
Powers: Legendary Destruction, Cause Fear
Has two extra lives

Description: horned, demonic cat with an eyepatch. After she was betrayed and abandoned by some powerful wizard, this felid eventually created a guild of the betrayed familiars… But then she was betrayed again, by them. In the dungeon of Zot, cats become demons.

“Simon the excavator”
Appears mid-to-late Dungeon proper
HP: around 80 AC: low-to-mid, low EV, And High-ish will power
Powers: Dig, lee’s rapid deconstruction, and Leda’s Liquefaction

Description: A fancy formicid more versatile in the field of magic then might, was assigned by his colony to go on a mining expedition to gain more space and materials. Unannounced to him, the moment the colony sent him out, his home was ravaged by a Begoth war band and has yet to call him back.After accidentally digging himself into the dungeon and going mad, there is only one thing left on his mind. To dig through anything or anyone who stands in the way.

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