Trove reporting

Bringing back a topic from the old Tavern!

Here’s mine on DrBr^Chei:

Entrance cost: +2 shadow dragon scales
_ You see here the +0 tower shield of Painted Intercession {rPois Str+3}.
_You see here a +0 robe.
_You see here a +2 pair of boots of flying.
_You see here a +0 leather armour.
_You see here the +0 hat of Minor Irritation {rPois}.
_You see here a +1 cloak of stealth.
_You see here the +1 hat of Ysioh {Int+3}.
_You see here a +2 leather armour of poison resistance.
_You see here a +0 pair of gloves of hurling.
_You see here the +0 pair of gloves of Relativism {rPois rC+ rCorr Str-4}.
_You see here the +3 hat of Pondering {ponderous, Will+ MP+10 Int+5}.
_You see here the +1 pair of boots of Cowardice {rPois rC- rN+ Will+}.
_You see here the +0 cloak of Pessimism {rC+ rN+ MP+9}.
_You see here the +1 hat of the Tired Tusks {rF+ Str+3 Dex+5}.
_You see here the +1 hat of Sloth {MP+9 Int+5}.
_You see here the +3 hat of Pondering {ponderous, Will+ MP+10 Int+5}.
_You see here the +1 hat of Ysioh {Int+3}.
_You see here a +1 cloak of stealth.

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Just reposting my best trove ever

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only 4 AC and 6 slay? weak!

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My best trove

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Paid +4 demon blade for this. The scrolls were silence and brand weapon… would have been a nice trove to open early…

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in my last winning game i had a trove that asked for 8 haste potions to open; i only ever found 2, thanks jiyva

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I had a really early (D10) trove the other day. Wanted 6 haste potions, I believe, which I had by midway through lair. Had a bunch of evocables (wands and rechargeables) and an evo manual.

Cool theme, led me to push into evo immediately, and while I thought at the time that the likeliest outcome was me feeling foolish about a splat I went on to win (BaHs^Hep, first Hs win).

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I thought this one was a pretty good deal: cost was 4 scrolls of fog, which was fine with me because I never know how to use them properly. It was Desolation of Salt-themed so I couldn’t view everyting at once/ grab a screenshot. The trove contained:

  • the ring of Hasoraor {rPois Str +3 SH+5}
  • the amulet of Byagob {Reflect +Blink rC+ Str+3 SH+5}
  • an amulet of magic regeneration
  • a +6 halberd of freezing
  • a +3 war axe of freezing
  • a +2 quarterstaff of holy wrath
  • the +8 frozen axe “Frostbite” {freeze, freezing cloud, *Noise Fly rC+}
  • a staff of fire
  • a staff of conjuration
  • a wand of roots (6)
  • a wand of mindburst (8)
  • a wand of digging (5)
  • the -2 hat “Meanok” {Str+3}
  • +0 storm dragon scales
  • the +1 robe of Pride {rC- Dex+5 Slay+6 Stlth+}
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Can randart rings give SH now? Or was that supposed to be an amulet?

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It’s a mistake, should be Stealth+

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Orbrun Trove! Asked for 7 haste pots and I found 9 by the end so I could open it on my way out!

Decent loot for a draconian!

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Fog is great when a teleport drops you somewhere bad or you otherwise need to get some relief from ranged/smiting monsters. It does other things but is good cover for trying your luck with another teleport escape or just repositioning.

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For a DrSh^Ely

Carry slimy rune


  • 2 Tele
  • 1 fog
  • 1 immolation
  • 2 enchant weapon
  • 1 revelation
  • 1 silence

Randart Books

  • Momentum strike, Blink, Yara’s
  • Airstrike, Summon Lighting Spire
  • Wereblood, Lesser Beckoning, Manifold Assault, Petrify, Dispersal


  • Maces
  • Unarmed
  • Invocations
  • Axes
  • Fire

I didn’t check the books before picking them up, so all the listed spells were new for that character.
Overall quite a good trove, at an even better price.

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Slimy rune is probably my favourite entry fee. It doesn’t take anything from you, and practically any character can get the rune. In addition, it encourages you to do Slime and get the loot from there as well.

In this case, the two useful manuals alone would’ve made me happy.

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Fee: 2 scrolls of acquirement. Always a risk. Playing a DsEn of Nemelex.

a scroll of amnesia
a +4 ring of protection
883 gold pieces
a +1 rapier of protection
2 potions of lignification
the ring of Bavuak Teps {Ice rElec rPois Str-2 Stlth+}
the +1 helmet "Leuryl" {Str+6 Stlth-}
4 stones
the +0 helmet of the Grape {Fly rF- rCorr Stlth+}
a ring of Plog {Wiz *Slow rF+++ Str+7 Dex-2}
the amulet "Rymiu" {Reflect Harm SH+5}
a wand of flame (12)
2 curare-tipped darts
a Trismegistus Codex (Ignite Poison)

Unfortunately, gold is the only useful thing here. The amnesia scroll maybe as well. A huge disappointment.

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What a disappointment. I don’t think I could have saved up 2 scrolls of acquirement. They are just too tempting to read right away.

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+3 storm dragon scales for entry

this is a caster char, so useless!

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Cost: +4 storm dragon scales

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5 scrolls of fog

  • an Evo manual! Not bad for a DrAr :slight_smile:
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Troves aren’t for everyone I guess :disappointed: