What are good god choices for a Felid Enchanter?

I did an Felid Enchanter run today, it was very fun.
I’m planning on doing another run at some point, what are good god choices?

I would recommend Ely, Dith, Gozag, Oka.
Ely and Dith greatly increase your survivability.
Gozag’s jewelry shop is great for felid.
Oka is also a great match for felid.(no gift = more piety)
(Maybe Hep and Jiyva are good too.)

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Thanks for the tip!

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Although, could you explain how Oka is a good choice since i don’t really see how after reading the wiki.

Oka isn’t a god just for brute melee. They are very good god for stabber(enchanter) too, because aa and ab helps using c.touch a lot. And felid is great species to use forms and UC, so you will probably want to switch from enchanter(stabber) into that direction eventually. Oka’s aa and ab also great for UC char. And felid can’t get gift from Oka, which means you have more piety, so you can use aa, ab, ac a lot more than other char. All of them are very good abilities.

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I don’t know what all those shortened terms like aa or UC mean.

uc = unarmed combat
aa = god’s first active ability (you press aa when you use it)
ab = second active ability
ac = third active ability
and never mind that deleted post, it had the same content as the post below. accidentally deleted.

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No worries, also I’m starting to understand the power of Oka.

Also while we are here, is there a way to make the skills menu show all skills by default?

is there a way to make the skills menu show all skills by default?

default_show_all_skills = true, see: https://github.com/crawl/crawl/blob/master/crawl-ref/docs/options_guide.txt#L1692

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How do access options?

Figured it out.

I’d also like to add Ru to the list.

The first ability lets you remove some annoying/dangerous effects. The second lets you escape or finish off enemies . The final one lets you kill whatever you couldn’t usually as well as deal with crowds.

Ru also gives you an extra layer of defense with its aura, which can also open enemies up to stabs.

It also makes games a bit more diverse with different sacrefices affecting your run!

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Ru looks very interesting to play.

Sometimes I like to take nemelex for chars like that, to give interesting options for situations that my normal attacks won’t work against. But the other gods mentioned are likely better and I am intrigued now to try an enchanter with Ely :slight_smile:

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The last time I have tried Nemelex was very strong, likely stronger than Oka or Dith. But she was more annoying to play.

On a pure stabber I would go Wu to minmax my stab and survive stone giants. If it’s D:4 or earlier I would take Trog/Nemelex/Ignis at a glance. Vehumet if I’m ahead on consumables. Ash if I have passwall or can’t survive the next shaft. Zin if I’m lacking the tools for spider nest. I’d consider Gozag for essential shops, and maybe Hep/Ash/Fed as a faded altar options. Never Jivya/Xom. And Yred/Qaz don’t fit my style. I suppose if I have poison resist and two dex/str/slaying rings then I’d go Oka.