What's in your RC file?

I’ve been using Noah Jorgensen’s magus.rc It’s pretty cool and can be configured.

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I’ve read though all the options and made my own rc file based on my needs. I’ve copied a few things from others as well but largely it’s my preferences. I’ve commented every command so it’s easy to see what they all do.

It’s open for anyone to ready/copy and do whatever


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Just manual skilling, always show zot and things like tile_player_tile = mons:Jorgrun

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Ha ha, you’ve been playing for a while, I see…
“msc += mute:This raw flesh tastes terrible”

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I really like the tile_viewport_scale setting!

# Zooms the game in a bit
tile_viewport_scale = 1.1


That’s fun. How does one find other monster/player tiles?

I stick with uniques that fit thematically with what I am playing and generally you can just type the name of a monster in the rc file, hit save, load into a game, and see if it worked. I recently had a DrCj win where I played as Tiamat. Was very fun being a double height tile (only visually, you still only take up one tile just like pan lords/Tiamat/TRJ)

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Yes. One of my favorites!

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The filename to option name mappings are in here:

.crawl/crawl-ref/source/rltiles/dc-mon.txt at master · crawl/crawl · GitHub
crawl/crawl-ref/source/rltiles/dc-player.txt at master · crawl/crawl · GitHub

You can add numbers to the names for the alternative tiles under that name, e.g. tile_player_tile = tile:MONS_BUTTERFLY_1

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Thanks! I will check those out.

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The format for changing the player tile is strict. Seems like you need to use the all caps version of the name and either leave it as is MONS_LERNAEAN_HYDRA or as Noitatumon said, add “underscore number” to pick one of its alternates, MONS_LERNAEAN_HYDRA_9 so…
tile_player_tile = tile: MONS_LERNAEAN_HYDRA_9
makes you a 9 headed Learny. :smiley:


I just realized the reason “Jorgrun” works is that it’s “mons:Jorgrun” and not “tile:Jorgrun”.

So with “mons:” you can basically just use the monsters name as you encounter it. Completely forgot about that. “tile:” can do more things though.

Why, it’s the tile for an echidna made of crystal, of course. Found in Dis, for example. Echidna - Wikipedia

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I have a few simple lua functions and such I like to use in order simplify combat:

my rc

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Heh, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Dis. :grimacing:

I get this error when I use your rc…
Lua error: [string "/dgldir/rcfiles/crawl-git/dispepticpony.rc"]:3899: Error in coroutine: [string "/dgldir/rcfiles/crawl-git/dispepticpony.rc"]:595: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil) Lua error: [string "/dgldir/rcfiles/crawl-git/dispepticpony.rc"]:3899: Error in coroutine: cannot resume dead coroutine
Is it because I’m on trunk?

Edit: Nope, errors on other versions, too. What am I doing wrong?

Here is a direct link to the github repository: GitHub - magus/dcss: rc for dcss (you had linked to Noah’s github user instead of his dcss repo).

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-- annotate warning for vaults 5 versions tho
annotated_v5 = false
function annotate_v5()
  crawl.sendkeys("!v5" .. string.char(13) .. "!vaults warning" .. string.char(13))
  annotated_v5 = true

function ready()
  if (not annotated_v5) and (you.branch() == "Vaults") then

It’s easy to get in a flow while doing Vaults and go downstairs to the rune level when you didn’t mean too so I made this. It auto-annotates vault 5 with a warning which will prevent you from accidentally going down without preparing. This happens when you first enter vaults since you can’t annotate floors on a branch you haven’t been to.

It’s not perfect - the variable isn’t saved between sessions. So if you save and quit, then log back in and enter the vaults it will duplicate the annotation text. (this is harmless)

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I think that’s qw, a bot that autoplays dcss and wins sometimes. GitHub - crawl/qw: The DCSS-playing bot qw

(don’t try to run bots on public servers unless you have permission from the admins)

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I have force_more for each of the times portal messages and for miscasting a spell. I have flash_screen for “distortion”.

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I can’t get monster highlighting by danger level to work. I’m on Linux offline tiles. My rc matches the ones linked to above but I only get red for extremely dangerous.

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