When to switch to unarmed?

When, if ever, would you recommend a weapon start to ditch the weapon for UC? Early flux talisman? Early UC manual? Never?

UC feels behind the curve until lair or something, so switching into it seems disastrous since you’ll be even more behind for parts of the run. I’d only switch if I found a very early manual. Or if I got claws 1 as ds mut early + found nice arti weapon to carry as I leveled UC

Not sure if any talisman would convince me - that’s even more xp needed

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If you find both beast and one of flux, anaconda, blade, maw that works well with your char before you invest too much in weapon skill, you may want to do so. If you are playing species like Op, Dr, Og, Mf, monstrous demonspawn, you may want to do so even if you don’t have beast.
In dcss, switching is usually quite risky, but talismans and UC are quite powerful overall in current trunk, so switching into it can be very rewarding if the circumstances are right imo.

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